Robert Scott was an exp lorer from the United Kingdom. He along with his team died on his second expedition to the Antarctic. The reasons for their death are supposed to be starvation, extremely cold weather and exhaustion. After over 100 years after their...The unmanned Dragon capsule parachuted into the Pacific, west of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, on Saturday. ADVERTISEMENT. ADVERTISEMENT. It departed the International Space Station earlier in the day with 3,300 pounds of gear for NASA, including...Workers excavate at the rock shelter in the Andes. The ancient people found deer and ancestors of llamas and alpacas for food and clothing 12,000 to 12,500 years ago. Workers excavate at the rock shelter in the Andes. The ancient people found deer and...A Kentucky native who is now a top administrator for NASA says a manned mission to Mars is the main focus of the American space program evolving into a REUTERS - A Space Exploration Technologies Dragon cargo ship ended a monthlong stay at the International Space Station on Saturday and splashed down on schedule in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico. Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore, astronauts with...Chris Hadfield, Canada's most famous astronaut, has launched a new photo book 'You are Here: Around the World in 92 minutes'. This book is indeed very special as it is full of 200 never-before-seen photos of the Earth that were taken by Hadfield during a...Photo: Michael Skrepnick, AP This undated handout image provided by Michael Skrepnick, Dinosaurs in Art, Nature Publishing Group, shows a Deinocheirus. Nearly 50 years ago, scientists found two large powerful arm bones of a new dinosaur species in...People gathered at the University of Saskatchewan's observatory Thursday to view a partial solar eclipse. The earlybirds may have caught a sliver of the moon eclipsing the sun in Saskatoon. Cloud cover blocked what should have been some of the best...Hundreds of scientists around the world are asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end However, the Stegosaur could turn into a lethal fighter with their spiked tails, it has been found. Houston researchers uncovered fossil evidence of an animal attacked by a stegosaur, and say it has exceptional attack skills. The wound found in the allosaur fits...The mission would test technology that is likely to be used in Chang'e-5, a future lunar probe with the ability to return to Earth. The experimental spacecraft is expected to reach a location near the moon and return to Earth, the State Administration of Science,...WASHINGTON: Radiation hazards in space caused by cosmic rays could threaten future deep-space astronaut missions such as those to Mars, a new study suggests. Crewed missions to Mars remain an essential goal for Nasa, but scientists are only now...Next month, if all goes to plan, a 10-year journey through space will culminate in a landing craft called Philae touching down on a comet as part of the Rosetta mission and, possibly, unlocking secrets of the universe. Space agency scientists rubbed shoulders...Rotten eggs, horse pee, alcohol and bitter almonds: this is the bouquet of odours you would smell if a comet in deep space could be brought back to Earth, European scientists said on Thursday. An instrument aboard the probe Rosetta has detected some...An important mummified duckbilled dinosaur that roamed the earth 67 million years ago will stay at North Dakota's heritage center. Science Recorder Pro. Free trial. No ads. Exclusive interviews. Access to all articles. Just $4.99/year. Subscribe. Dakota, the 67...According to a recent study, at some point in history a “monster tsunami” must have hit Hawaii, decimating the archipelago. While that is certainly a remarkable find, the study authors believe that it could happen again. They took some of their evidence from the...Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies, popularly known as SpaceX, is positioning itself to lead the way to a new era of human spaceflight and could play a key role in the first manned mission to Mars. The company was founded in 2002 by billionaire...A team of 70 cosmologists operating under the name POLARBEAR has obtained the most accurate measurement yet of cosmic microwave polarization through use of a telescope in Chile's Atacama desert. Cosmic microwave background radiation is light left...(Photo : Commons) Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials are closing another wolf hunting zone after closing two hunting zones on Sunday and another the week before. Only two wolf hunting zones remain open. Wisconsin Department of...Vid If you're in a position to see the constellation of Orion tonight then it's time to enjoy the annual Orionid meteor shower – as the Earth slams into the debris left by Halley's Comet's 1986 visit at about 148,000 MPH. orionids. Look to the East for nature's...Not content with calling it 'Site J,' the European Space Agency is asking the public to come up with a better name for the spot on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko where the Rosetta mission is set to touch down next month.
When the unofficial announcement first came out that Apple was buying Beats Electronics, the tech community just could not figure out why. It isn't often that Apple buys another consumer electronics maker the caliber of Beats Electronics. They usually keep...The number of computers in North America infected by the Backoff malware, which is blamed for a string of payment card breaches, has risen sharply, according to research from network security company Damballa. The company detected a 57 percent...Spy shots have revealed what appears to be a more aggressively styled V12 Vantage S being tested at the Nürburgring, correlating with Aston Martin's previously announced plans to make an extreme GT3 version. Evident in the pictures are heavily flared...Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts isn't running again in municipal politics – she will instead run for the Conservatives in the next federal election in South Surrey. — image credit: Black Press file photo. Tweet. by Jeff Nagel - Surrey North Delta Leader; posted Oct 23...TORONTO - The federal government has launched a public campaign to help an increasing number of Canadians fly drones safely, though documents show many would-be pilots are facing lengthy delays in getting permission to send the popular unmanned...Tim Cook is in China this week, where he announced plans to open 25 new Apple stores in its Greater China region in the next two years. The chief executive made his remarks to Sina, a Chinese online media company. Currently Apple has 15 stores in its...FRANKFURT-- Inc. on Thursday said it would launch web-hosting services in Germany, pushing deeper into a country that has been openly hostile to U.S. Internet firms. Andy Jassy, Amazon's senior vice president for web services, said the...A local electrician is worried his business will be negatively impacted by the jail sentence handed to a man who did illegal electrical work under a company name that is very similar to his. Greg Barwinski told the Post on Oct. 10 that he has been “inundated”...The holiday season isn't quite upon us and yet I'm already seeing so many new choices in streaming devices for the TV that I'm not even sure what consumers are going to do this year. If you are like me, you have to have as many of these things connected to...9 men stood outside in office clothes with broad grins You'll need to sell your company for over half a billion dollars now if you want to make it into the Top 10 largest Cambridge sales following CSR's (proposed) acquisition by Qualcomm – Cambridge's...Chesterfield may have shot to the top of the entertainment charts after a series of incredible, edge of the seats games, but their points winning needs to improve after picking up just one win in five. Twenty-eight goals for and against in the last six games...Nanyang - A group of technologists have created a remarkable new battery: the battery can be charged up within two minutes and, once fully charged, power on for up to 20 years. The new batteries can be charged up very quickly, achieving 70 percent...We're increasingly becoming a digital society, yet almost one in five people in the UK lack digital skills and 52 per cent of those are aged over 65. In an effort to provide practical skills and access to technology catalogue retailer Argos has partnered with digital...Just a month on from unleashing the iPhone 6 on to the world, Apple is gearing up for another big hardware launch. While this one isn't expected to be the game changer that the record-smashing iPhone 6 launch, we're expecting exciting new developments...

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News title: 220-kg lingzhi mushroom discovered in Dak Lak

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ImgVietNamNet Bridge – A lingzhi mushroom (1.7m long, 1.2m wide, 60 cm high), owned by Dao Duc Dai, 27, from the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak has attracted hundreds of curious people in the past couple of days. Some people offered to buy it for...
VietNamNet Bridge. 2014/10/07 02:46 UTC

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